712 Deshazo Road, Ridgeway, VA

About Us

Sundancers Farm LLC is a family owned and operated farm by Allen and Vanessa Weese in Horsepasture, Virginia. With over 30 years of farming experience, The Weese family pursued Texas Longhorn Cattle over ten years ago after researching the many benefits of this American breed. Please see additional information on our website for our Herds and Beef Sales.

From draft horses, quarter horses, appaloosas and paints; Allen and Vanessa have found a new passion for the Welsh Mountain Pony. An animal of great stamina and heartiness and well known for their friendly personalities and even temperaments, they are extremely intelligent and easily trained. As a family operated farm, our family would like you to come to love and admire our Welsh Mountain Ponies from small children to adults! Please see our Welsh Pony tab for upcoming sales.

Sundancers Farm LLC is proud members of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America and the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America, Inc.