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Longhorn Beef

Sundancers Farm offers USDA naturally lean pastured-raised beef that Allen & Vanessa Weese are proud to offer to you and your family.

All of our cattle are pasture bred and raised on our family farm the way nature intended for us to do so. Our cattle are steroid and growth hormone free with no cloning and no unnecessary antibiotics are used in our herd.

We work with our local USDA inspected abattoir who processes the beef from steaks to roast into our 1-pound ground beef package to result in a better tasting, healthier meal. Ground beef is available frozen for $6.00 (tax included) a pound.

Currently Sundancers Farm is working with local farmers markets in the Virginia area selling our lean ground beef. Connect with our Facebook page for times and locations that we will be selling.

Longhorn Beef Health Benefits

  • Leaner than other breeds and is lower in saturated fats.
  • Less cholesterol and calories than white meat. Including lean beef in a heart-healthy diet can positively impact blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that eating lean beef can help increase ‘good’ cholesterol and reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol in people with elevated cholesterol levels.
  • Beef is the best source of protein, zinc and Vitamin B12 and is the third best source of iron in the food supply.
  • Beef is also a good source of selenium, which may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer (such as prostate) as well as enhance the body’s ability to fight infections.

The above information was provided by The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, Ft. Worth, Texas.

Protein (g)
Fat (g)
Cholesterol (g)
Ground Beef 289 24.1 20.7 90.0
Lean Ground Beef 272 24.7 10.5 87.7
Chicken, Dark 205 27.4 9.7 93.8
Lamb Chop 216 30.0 9.7 95.8
Pork Loin 190 28.6 9.8 79.6
Pork Chops 202 30.2 8.1 82.7
Lamb Leg 191 28.3 7.7 89.7
Pot Roast 210 33.0 7.6 101.0
Venison 207 33.5 6.4 4.0
Turkey 170 29.3 5.0 76.6
Chicken, White 173 30.9 4.5 85.7
Longhorn Beef 140 25.5 3.7 61.5

Source:  Longhorn data “Nutrient Density of Beef from Texas Longhorn Cattle”; Texas A&M;

1987.    Other data:  USA Today 11/29/91.  Pope Lab, Inc., Dallas TX.